Albert Uderzo’s disappearance, the creator of “Tanguy et Laverdure”

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A great artist has gone. Albert Uderzo leaves behind him an incomparable body of work with many successes to his credit, including the famous aeronautical comic strip “Les Aventures de Tanguy et Laverdure”.

These two characters were in fact created in 1959 (published in the Pilote newspaper) by Jean-Michel Charlier, scriptwriter, and Albert Uderzo, cartoonist. Since that day, they have thrilled all aeronautical enthusiasts with their incredible adventures and their very special characters: Tanguy is straight and courageous while Laverdure is eccentric and clumsy.

Aboard their Super Mystère B2 or Mirage III, the two fighter pilots and friends engage in many very dangerous missions throughout their thirty or so albums.

Beautiful readings in perspective that will arouse vocations!

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