Book: Aviators at War – a fight against prejudice

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As you are no doubt aware, women participated in national efforts during the wars of the twentieth century. But did you know that they did so in the air too?

No, aviation isn’t just for men. While this statement has been increasingly recognized, some women had to fight against deep-seated prejudices: “A girl in a fighter or bomber cockpit?! No one ever saw that before! What an act of heresy! ” Facing such a reticent hierarchy, a lot of hard work was necessary for women to impose themselves at the control of military planes or helicopters.

Fifteen women. Fifteen short stories based on authentic testimonies. This book by Noël Carle reveals a little-known facet of history.

Discover these exceptional female aviators: Anna Alexandrovna Egorova, a Soviet aeroclub instructor before the Second World War, Cornelia Clark Fort, one of the very first American women to join the Women Air Forces Service Pilots, – or Valérie André, a French helicopter pilot on the Indochinese front who managed to repatriate 165 soldiers seriously wounded during missions under enemy fire to the Hanoi hospital.

« Aviatrices en guerre : un combat contre les préjugés… », Noël Carle, Éditions JPO, 146 pages, ISBN : 9782373011180

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