Book – “L’avion s’affiche”

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Privat Editions will take you to discover the aeronautical posters that marked the 20th century with the book “L’avion s’affiche”.

From the hesitant beginnings of aeronautics to the emergence of supersonic aircraft, posters have accompanied the history of world civil aviation. Through visuals that are sometimes highly colourful and different ways of communicating, these true works of art are an original way to travel through history and discover the means of promoting aircraft.

Pascale Nizet, director of a global communication agency at Le Bourget and Thierry Favre, an eminent collector and poster artist, co-wrote this book. Both enthusiasts and artists, they offer you to cross this century of the plane as in an illustrated dream.

“L’avion s’affiche”, Pascale Nizet and Thierry Favre,  Privat Editions, 144 pages, ISBN: 2708992430

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