Book: “Mirage IIIC, suivi individuel des avions”

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The EM37 publishing house has released a new, high-quality work on the Mirage IIIC, the interception model of one of the iconic Dassult Aviation planes.

Having already written two reference books on the Super Mystère B2 and the Mystère IV, Éric Moreau and Cyril Defever retrace the career of the Mirage IIIC this time, from its design in the Marcel Dassault plants, to its first flight at the hands of Jean Coureau on October 9, 1960, and finally to its entry into operational service in the French Air Force the following year.

The new edition of this work, originally published 20 years ago, and which was very hard to find for quite some time, was part of a major image-based research project, aiming to give the reader an amazing selection of 900 photos, documenting the career and different postings of Mirage IIIC planes in the French Air Force.

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