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Produced from 1951 to 1954, the MD 450 Ouragan has had a lasting impact on the history of aeronautics. This fighter and ground attack aircraft was in fact the first French-designed jet to be mass-produced. The author Nicolas de Lemos devoted a monograph to it, published by Ysec Editions.

Drawing on experience gained on the MB 150 series of fighters and its derivatives, the first versions of the aircraft were produced in 1947 by the Marcel Dassault factories. The goal was simple: to design a small aircraft, light, inexpensive and as effective as the engine would allow. The first production Ouragan flew at Mérignac on December 20, 1951, equipped the 12e Escadre de Combat the following year, and flew for two years in the colours of the Patrouille de France.

Discover or rediscover the Ouragan in a new light with multiple photographs and colour profiles. Look back over the aircraft’s career in the French Air Force, and its exports to the Israeli, Indian and Salvadorian air forces.

For more information on this aircraft, go to its dedicated page and retrace its history in video.

“Le MD-450 Ouragan “, Nicolas de Lemos, Ysec Editions, 160 pages, ISBN : 2846733481

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