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Cirrus Aircraft Celebrates Delivery of 9000 Aircraft in 30 Years – AviationSource News

LONDON – American general aviation aircraft manufacturer Cirrus Aircraft reached a new milestone announced from the EAA AirVenture 2022. The company is creeping in close to the delivery of 9,000 aircraft of its popular models. 

Zean Nielsen, Cirrus CEO stated with much fanfare “For over three decades, Cirrus Aircraft has celebrated the incredible evolution of personal aviation at EAA AirVenture.”

“We are excited to be back this year to showcase our best-selling SR-series and Vision Jet, along with a suite of new products and flight training services to enhance the ownership experience.” 

Cirrus Vision Jet

As of today, over 350 Vision Jets have been delivered to prospective and happy customers, and 650 pilots have been rewarded the type rating on this particular jet since the day of FAA certification in October 2016.

Photos: Cirrus Aircraft

The latest version of the jet, which is the Vision Jet, G2+, adds 25 per cent more takeoff performance, Gogo in-flight connectivity, new aesthetic options and designs, and other upgrades such as the Flex cargo management system and a battery minder. 

The interior of the jet is also a game changer. The design of the third row of the cabin can also accommodate cargo with dimensions of 20 and 28 inches tall and a weight limit of 200 pounds, which is impressive in its class. 

Cirrus SR single-engine piston

Impressively, Cirrus Aircraft has sold over 38,500 of its single-engine piston SR aircraft since its FAA certification in 1998. The SR aircraft is a viable competitor to aircraft like the Cessna single engine series.

Cirrus also recently announced that it has an upgraded version of the model, with more speed of up to nine extra knots while cruising, more convenience and ease for the user, a new paint scheme and variants, and more customisable interior options to name a few. 

The increase in the additional speed was achievable by reducing drag and reintegrating the deicing and tail panel to streamline the airflow over the wing, also adding wheel guards to minimise aerodynamical flow.

Moreover, new tech will also bring convenience to the pilot, including keyless entry, illuminated steps, a USB-C port housed in the centre console providing up to 60 watts of power etc – which is essential for today’s day and age. 

In addition to all of the bells and whistles, Cirrus also introduced the Cirrus IQ status screen, which is to streamline the maintenance process, and features a newly designed user-friendly situational bar to track on-time aircraft status, inspection intervals and warranty dates.

The system will also give warnings to pilots for important discrepancies and upcoming checks. 

Cirrus’ new technology does not surprise us as to why its sales are extremely high. It’s ongoing continuation of technology and innovation and strive for perfection will always keep customers coming in.

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