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Five Striking Aircraft Exterior Livery Designs – The Market Herald

Embraer commissioned four carnivore-based “profit hunter” livery designs | Source: Simple Flying

The only people that will ever see the interiors of your private jet will be those lucky enough to be invited on board, but everyone else will see the exterior paint job or livery.

There are many airline companies as well as private owners who have given their aircraft a slick paint job, from elegant and futuristic designs to shocking combinations of colours that you wouldn’t want to be visible on the outside of your pride and joy.

But when it comes to deciding what your jet looks like to observers on the ground (or a passing flock of geese) the exterior of an aircraft is a gargantuan blank canvas on which you can commission a masterpiece.

Lets take a look at some of the very best examples of aircraft exterior livery designs, maybe you will recognise some and maybe you will get some ideas for the when you decide to spruce up an aircraft.

Colour-Changing Gulfstream V “Sexy Jet”

Available for charter or to buy with Ethereum or Bitcoin, this large private jet flies up to Mach 0.885 at up to 16,000 metres and has a 12,000km range. The colour-changing exterior is sure to make for an exciting landing experience for the ground crew.

The brainchild of successful entrepreneur Mark Bonfigli, Duncan Aviation achieved the colour changing effect of SexyJet by applying a “chameleon” paint. This paint consists of tiny aluminium flakes with a magnesium fluoride coating which are suspended in a chromium mixture.

Use of this paint results in a colour changing effect on the exterior livery depending on where the observer is, changing from cyan to purple.

The interiors include chairs made of Venetian lace cream leather and have carbon fibre walls. The private bedroom and lavatory mean you will land at your destination refreshed and well-rested.

The quasar LED multi-coloured lighting system makes any trip an inspiring journey through the skies.

Aircraft exterior livery on the Sexy Jet
Gulfstream GV N888XY s/n 509 in 2016 for Clay Lacy Aviation at KVNY (Van Nuys Airport, Van Nuys CA)
The luxe interiors of SexyJet | Source: SexyJet

Floral Design on Citation 560XLS 

This lovely design on the exterior livery of a Citation 560XLS is the work of Columbian-American contemporary artist, Nancy Friedemann Sánchez.

She started with small sketches of the various elements and progressed to larger collages before handing the two-dimensional designs over to Completions Designer Teri Nekuda, with the commissioning company, Duncan Aviation.

You want to please the client, so you really listen to their desires and preferences. This piece began as colonial flowers on black. Teri Nekuda helped tremendously with the application of the artwork to the aircraft. (With the required reflectant value on Citation aircraft), black couldn’t happen. And because the canvas was an aircraft, we couldn’t have a direct mirrorization of my work.

Nancy Friedemann Sánchez

Exterior livery of the Citation 560XLS Exterior livery of the Citation 560XLS
The livery of this Citation 560XLS was commissioned by Duncan Aviation | Source: Jet Sales

In the end, she decided on a robins-egg blue for the livery background and then hand drew the various birds and flowers onto the plane with the help of stencils made by Duncan Aviation’s team of designers.

The final design uses 23 aviation paint colours, required 101 rolls of painter’s tape, 75 paint mixing cups, 135 cup liners, and 288 touch-up brushes.

Exterior livery by Nancy Friedemann SánchezExterior livery by Nancy Friedemann Sánchez
Nancy Friedemann Sánchez uses colourful flowers and birds in her designs | Source: Jet Sales

Air New Zealand 777-300 “Hobbit Plane”

The largest graphic ever to be applied to an aircraft took about six days and 400 man-hours to install. Once the exterior livery was completed, the Air New Zealand 777-300 flew primarily to L.A. and London.

The exterior of the Air New Zealand jet featured the cast of The Hobbit, An Unexpected Journey, and was applied back in 2012 leading up to the release of the blockbuster.

The film referenced by the design was popular in the United States and the airline tried to cash in on this popularity to encourage more Americans to fly to the land of the long white cloud.

Exterior livery depicting the cast of the HobbitExterior livery depicting the cast of the Hobbit
Air New Zealand 777-300 Hobbit-inspired flight lands at London Heathrow Airport for the first time | Source: David Dysonff

Kulula Airlines 737 “This Way Up” and “Aviation 101”

This cheeky design was commissioned by budget South African airline Kulula to have a dig at the aviation industry. The aircraft is adorned from nose to tail with a giant “this way up”.

Known for its sense of humour, the company had previously painted an “idiots guide to aviation 101” on the side of some of its airplanes with some humorous notes on what the parts of the plane are for.

Humorous exterior liveryHumorous exterior livery
This aircraft livery is a cheeky dig at the aviation industry | Source: Kulula

“Loo – (or mile-high initiation chamber)” and “back door – no bribery / corruption here” are painted on the side of the aircraft pointing out the obvious for passengers as they cross the tarmac to board the plane.

The tongue-in-cheek observations are not exactly the most encouraging messages to see scrawled on the side of its fleet of 737 airlines, but the carrier continues to fly domestic routes around South Africa from O. R. Tambo International Airport and Lanseria International Airport, Johannesburg.

More humorous exterior liveryMore humorous exterior livery
The Kulula aviation 101 livery design features labels with funny notations Source: Kulula

Embraer E190-E2 and E195-E2 “Profit Hunters”

In late 2021, Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer unveiled four special demonstrator models of its new E2 range of jets.

These E190-E2 and E195-E2 demonstrator models showed off the Pratt & Whitney’s PW1000G turbofans, enhanced avionics and wing technology, as well as a new cabin.

The company drew attention to these demonstrators by giving them custom exterior livery depicting four predators on the nose of the plane.

Shark livery was unveiled at an airshow in Zhuhai, China by Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer | Source: Flyingmag

An eagle, snow leopard, shark and tiger were painted on these “profit hunter” airplanes to promote the potential savings the new models could provide owners with their increased fuel efficiency.

To achieve a realistic depiction of the animals, Embraer recruited the help of artist Clodoaldo Quintana who hand-painted each animal onto the nose of the aircraft. It took him a whole week and five litres of paint to create just one of the exterior liveries.

My biggest concern was respecting the proportions of the animals, to create the optical illusion necessary to make the animals seem realistic on the aircraft. For the eagle, I did everything so that the feathers were as close to the real thing as possible. For the tiger, I used straw brooms as brushes to imitate the hairs.

Clodoaldo Quintana

Source: Akzonobel

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