“How does a plane fly? “: online training

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Aerospace engineering higher education expert, ISAE-SUPAERO launches an edition of its free online course “How does a plane fly?” (“Comment vole un avion” in French) on April 30th to get aircraft flying knowledge!

This course addresses the mechanics of flight and aerodynamics through videos, lectures, animations, virtual experiments using a flight simulator and real situations on board of an instrumented TB20 aircraft. Various aerodynamic terms are explained by Eric Poquillon, teacher in experimental flight dynamics.

This training lasts 4 weeks validated by quizzes and/or practical cases. The volume of work is around 3 hours per week (course and personal work included). A free certificate of “successful completion” will be delivered to validate the newly acquired knowledge. For those who want to go further, a paid certification can be delivered after examination.

Register on the FUN-MOOC platform and don’t hesitate to join the MOOC-Avion communities on Facebook and Twitter, to share this experience with other enthusiasts!

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