Magazine – Air Battle n°90

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Discover the Air Battle magazine number 90 dedicated to the aftermath of the First World War and its air battles.

After the armistice, not all the pilots of the Eastern Air Force had the chance to return home and had to continue the war, sometimes until 1919. These little publicised conflicts, which followed one of the worst wars in history, are highlighted by the Lela Presse teams in this opus of “Battle of the Air”.

On the quarterly magazine’s programme, discover the details of the Russian Civil War which lasted from 1917 to 1922 and how the Bolshevik Revolution led to a takeover of power in Hungary. You will also find a focus on the Russo-Polish War from 1919 to 1920, the period of the birth of the Lotnictwo Wojskowe (Polish military aviation) and the rebirth of Poland. Finally, the conflicts around the Adriatic and the Greek-Turkish war are also discussed.

 Air Battles 90 – 1919, the Great War, Lela Presse

Bataille Aérienne 90

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