Magazine – Special issue of Air&Cosmos on “Mirage III, The Prodigy”

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After three issues on the Super Mystère B2, the Ouragan and the Mystère IV, the Air&Cosmos editorial team is dedicating a new special issue to the “Mirage III – The Prodigy“. This fifth volume of the collection “Les avions de combat français” (French Fighter Aircraft) contains 100 pages, numerous iconographies and plates.

Designed and built within the framework of the light interceptor program defined by the French Air Force after the Korea war, the Mirage III was a bomber fighter aircraft with a delta wing and a fuselage designed according to the area rule which gave it a distinctive waisted profile.

Find out more about the history of the Mirage III, from its prototypes to its use in the French Air Force, including its many developments and experiments. This special edition also devotes a whole chapter to the various exports of the aircraft, and looks back at the career of test pilot Roland Glavany, who made the first flight of the Mirage III 001 on 17 November 1956 at Melun-Villaroche.

“Hors-série Histoire, Les avions de combat français – volume 5”, Air&Cosmos, 100 pages, ISBN : 978-2-9570243-1-5

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