Shadow of the condor Volume 1, 1936: duel beneath the skies of Spain

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Fierce fighting, epic air battles and passionate love affairs. This is what the first volume of L’ombre du Condor explores, in a Spain torn apart by civil war.

On the cusp of World War II, when dominion of the skies is a critical issue, the story follows two men whose destinies are intertwined and yet opposed in every way: Dieter von Moltke, a German aristocrat and elite pilot in the Condor Legion, and Pedro Goya, a young Republican mechanic and future gunner in André Malraux’s squadron.

In this work of fiction, you will find stories inspired by the reality of legendary aircraft, such as the Heinkel He 51, Loire 46 or Focke-Wulf Fw 58. Get ready for impressive aerial combat!

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