Support for the association “Les Chevaliers du ciel – Rêves de gosse”

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The “Chevaliers du ciel” (Knights of the Sky) association travels throughout France to enable so-called “extraordinary” children (with disabilities, illnesses or socially underprivileged children) to achieve one of their dreams: to fly with experienced pilots.

Dassault Aviation is a partner and would like to encourage this “Rêves de Gosse” (Childhood Dreams) operation, which has been working for many years for the inclusion and the acceptance of difference….

“Dassault Aviation has been supporting the association Les Chevaliers du ciel – Rêves de gosse for 22 years. We are very proud of this support because it is a magnificent mission of great nobility […] I can’t wait for you to put a smile back on all these children’s faces!” Stéphane Fort, Director of Communications at Dassault Aviation.

Rêves de Gosses/Chevaliers du Ciel

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