Two new publications cast the spotlight on the Mirage F1

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The Mirage F1, the direct descendant of the Mirage III, but which stands out from the Mirage family with its swept wing, is the subject of two new publications.

Duke Hawkins dedicates the tenth volume of the collection “Aircraft in detail,” published by HMH Publications, to the Mirage F1. With great detail, he traces the interceptor’s career spanning four decades, from its entry into service in the French Air Force in 1973. It features 84 pages of detailed descriptions, accompanied by a collection of 250 photos.

With several books on the Mirage family already to his name, this time Salvador Mafé Huertas focuses on the Spanish export version of the Mirage F1. Released by Kagero Publishing, this monograph includes 180 archive photos, 10 profiles of the interceptor, as well as numerous drawings.

Mirage F1, Duke Hawkins, H.M.H Publications, ISBN: 978-2-9602488-9-0

Mirage F1s, Salvador Mafé Huertas, 96 pages, Kagero, ISBN: 9788366148819

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