Virtual exhibition: “Clément Ader – in the footsteps of a pioneer in aviation”

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One of the fathers of motorized aviation is French! His name is Clément Ader and the musée des arts et métiers, in partnership with Google Arts & Culture, invites you to learn about his history through an online exhibition.

It is by imagining a vertical steam engine with a tubular boiler that his airplane “Éole” took off in 1890. Through his work on various aeroplanes, Clément Ader brought to light new techniques and innovative materials, revolutionary for the time.

But this genial character imagined many other things, often serious, sometimes eccentric inventions to discover in this exhibition: the removable railway, the electrophone, or even the theaterphone.

Throughout this virtual exhibition, numerous HD photos of objects and documents from the museum’s collections illustrate the atypical career of this inventor, a real jack-of-all-trades who tried to make a dream come true: to design a machine to make man fly through the air.

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